[en-hk]8 [en-hk]tips [en-hk]to fix dry hair

[en-hk]How to get soft, nourished and shiny hair

[en-hk]Do you have dry hair?

[en-hk]Dry hair symptoms

[en-hk]Dull, brittle, hard to detangle.

[en-hk]"yo-yo" effect

[en-hk]Also known as "second day dry hair“ = Hair that dries out 2 days (or less) after treatment.

[en-hk]40 hours

[en-hk]That's how long hair can resist after treatment, before oxidative damage makes it dry again.

[en-hk]Dry end

[en-hk]Your ends have lived through many years, they are the most sensitized part of your hair. Dryness is even stronger if you have ombre hair.

[en-hk]Normal hair

[en-hk]Scales are smooth, perfectly assembled.
Healthy cuticle.

[en-hk]Dry hair

[en-hk]Scales are lifted,
the surface is rough.
Cuticle damaged or absent.

[en-hk]What are
the causes?

[en-hk]Sun, pollution, water, oxygen,
recurrent blow dries, frequent coloring,
highlights, tie-and-dye.

[en-hk]First expert advice

[en-hk]Dry hair should not be washed more than 3 times a week*

[en-hk]* Washing excessively contributes to stripping away the sebum
that nourishes and protects the fiber.

[en-hk]Dry hair

[en-hk]The Beauty routine

[en-hk]Everyday, the 8 tips of the beauty routine will help you to reduce the risk to have dry hair.

[en-hk]An intense care


Pre-shampoo is ideal for extremely dry or very fine hair. Apply on dry hair and rinse it out before you go on with your beauty routine. With Immersion Nutritive, 10 minutes are enough to let nutrients in.





[en-hk]Dry hair shampoo


Choose rich formulas enriched in nourishing agents.
When applying the shampoo, work up a lather using your fingertips
and gently massage it onto your scalp, avoiding any rough friction.

[en-hk]The secret is
in rinsing


Prefer lukewarm, or cold water over hot water. Cold will help close the scales on hair’s cuticle and seal in nutrition.
It will also give your hair extra shine and smoothness.

[en-hk]Your hair is what
you eat


Make sure that your feeding habits include enough vitamins, mineral salts and faty acids.
Fruits, vegetables and nuts are a good source.

[en-hk]Dry hair treatment


A deep conditioner tames tangles and repairs slightly dry hair. When hair is dehydrated, use a deep treatment at least once a week.
For optimal nutrition, leave the masque on for a minimum of 5 minutes. You can also wrap your hair in a warm towel while the formula diffuses.



You should not brush dry hair more than twice a day: in the morning and before bed. It is recommended to use a boar bristles brush, and only brush when hair has fuly dried. On wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle.

[en-hk]Watch out for
styling heat


Try to let your hair-dry for a while before proceeding with styling. Apply a texturizing serum or cream formulated for dry hair. Use a styling brush made with wild boar hairs that won’t pul on the hair. Prefer cold air for your blow-dryer.

[en-hk]Your hairdresser
is your hair's
best friend


For hair that remains soft and shiny from root to tip, be sure to trim your ends every 2 to 3 months, with a professional hairstylist.

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[en-hk]No more dry ends:<br>Touche Perfection

[en-hk]No more dry ends:
Touche Perfection


Your ends are the most sensitized part of your hair. To keep hair smooth and supple, they must be nourished continuously with a tailored care such as Touche Perfection, an on-the-go replenishing balm that can be applied on dry ends anytime of the day. When ideally nourished, your lengths stay shiny and color remains vibrant, for longer.

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[en-hk]Touche Perfection reviews

[en-hk]From the first try I have been completly satisfied by the texture and the ease of application. A good perfume encreases the overall quality of the product. Since hair need a lot of care during the summer, it's totally awesome! I have also tried this product on my girl's hair and they also appreciate this product a lot. My parents really like this product too! Thank you for letting me test it! I will buy it as soon as my tube is finished!... [en-hk]read more

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[en-hk]Reinforced hair, good perfume, texture that blends at the ends.... [en-hk]read more

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[en-hk]I have been pleasantly suprised by this product! The application is very easy, soft texture and a good, light perfume that gives the impression of having recently gone to the hairdresser. Since I'm used to smoothing my hair regularly, my ends are often very dry. After the product application my ends refind their flexibility, the hair is renewed!”... [en-hk]read more

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milestones in
dry hair care
[en-hk]30 years of Innovation

  • [en- [en-hk]Irisome [en-hk]Nutritive Irisome
  • [en- [en-hk]Masquintense [en-hk]First in-depth nutrition product
    adapted to the thickness of the hair.
  • [en- [en-hk]Bain Satins [en-hk]First precisely-dosed shampoo
    with a nutrition index for different needs.
  • [en- [en-hk]Masque au Mais [en-hk]First nourishing hair mask.