Rich Shampoo with Beautifying Oil

The deep nourishing shampoo with Beautifying oil. For all dry hair types , even thick hair - Intense Nutrition
- Instant Sublimation and Illumination
- Cosmetic Touch

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- Sublimates all types of dry hair, even  thick hair.
- Thick hair is nourished with an instant illumination and a light weighted rich touch.


Apply to damp hair, emulsify, massage and rinse and complete with Elixir Ultime regimen.


Formulated with OLÉO-RICHE, A targeted  combination  of  2  precious  nourishing  oils  –  Coriander  and Coconut – enriched with Shea Butter that infuses the hair with an intense nourishment and provides an extreme and instant illumination.

With abundant foam, thanks to the micro-emulsion technology, and the unique Elixir Ultime fragrance. Rich shampoo offers a moment of intense sensoriality.

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