Le Bain Revitalisant

Caring shampoo with an all-round action on the scalp and hair. Hair sublimation and scalp revitalization.

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* Brings softness, shine and velvet touch to the fiber, without weighing it down.
* Smoothens, evens and strengthens the fiber surface. Moisturizes and revitalizes the scalp.


Apply on damp hair, start at the roots and distribute throughout the lengths, emulsify, massage and rinse.


Abyssine: Known for its calming property on skin and reduce skin irritations.

Vitamin E: with anti-oxidant protection.

Ceramide: for strengthening and revitalizing action on the fiber surface.

Oleo Complexe extract - Amla, Maize, Camelia, Argan: for shine, nourishment and softness

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