Hair density activator.
For the first time*, reveal new hair,
create visible hair mass.**
1000 new hair in 3 months**

*At Kérastase. ** Stemoxydine efficacy tested in daily application for 3 months on 101 men against a placebo.

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After application: hair fibre is texturised.
After 10 days: added body.
After 30 days: added density.*
After 3 months: 1000  new hairs are revealed.**

*Auto Evaluation - 122 women - Daily application during 30 days.
** Clinical tests with 101 men - 3 months - Tested vs. placebo.


Apply 1 vial every day for a period of 3 months, morning or evening, to dry or towel-dried hair.

1. Snap off and discard the top of the vial. Clip on the comb applicator.

2. Press the dome of the vial to apply the treatment to the scalp.

3. Create partings using the comb and apply in the usual styling direction.

4. Massage the scalp with your fingertips to distribute the treatment and spread along the lenghts.


▪ Stemoxydine® 5%:concentration at which this molecule can be stabilized with maximum efficiency objectified in a haircare product. Reproduces the beneficial effects of the environment required for proper stem cell functioning.

▪ Vitamins complex (B3, B5 & B6): -  a vital nutritive complex helps nourishing and stimulating follicle.

▪ Styling polymer: brings a texturizing effect and body to the hair. Thanks to an ionic affinity, it bonds to the hair and creates a fine coating on each strand.


The collection - Densifique Discover the Densifique programme adapted to your needs.

Single ritual, Kérastase creates beauty course in three stages: bathe, treat, texturizing, with studied gestures, which sublimate the hair. This programme in three simple actions associated with Kérastase products, begins with a specific treatment in the salon, you can then continue at home.

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