Bain Oléo-Curl

Curl definition shampoo for dry, curly and unruly hair.

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• The hair substance is nourished, softened and light.

• Optimal shine from root to tip.

• Flowing, perfectly designed and tamed curls.

• Soft touch.


▪ Wet hair thoroughly.

▪ Apply Bain Oléo Curl.

▪ Massage through the scalp and hair using the flats of the hands and complete the gentle massage technique, emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

▪ Re-apply using the gentle massage technique and leave for a few minutes.

▪ Lather by adding a little water and gently emulsify before rinsing thoroughly.


• Shorea and Palm Oil: Leave the hair nourished, soft and light.

• Cationic Polymer: Aids de-tangling, curls are well defined.

• Curl Protect: Protective lipids have a lock in/block out action. The lipids interlock with themselves and accumulate, which helps restore the hair’s protective layer on its surface (lock in).

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A unique ritual. Kérastase created a customized 3-step beauty routine: cleanse, treat and texturize with carefully-conceived methods for beautifying the hair.
These simple steps constitute a targeted, in-salon treatment which establishes a ritual haircare routine that women can do in-home with Kérastase products.

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