Kérastase - Diagnose Your Hair

Everyone's hair is different. Every woman wants exceptional hair, but the solution is not the same for everyone. Hair type, scalp concerns, internal and external factors are some of the variables that can affect the health of the hair. At Kérastase we want to care for all hair types, every hair desire, every hair concern. Inspired by our intimate knowledge of the modern woman, Kérastase continues to create bespoke products and treatments that satisfy the desire for exceptional hair.

We work with the best hairdressers to provide the ultimate solutions to care for hair. Each Kérastase experience begins with a professional, in-depth scalp and hair diagnosis performed by a Kérastase Expert. It helps you summarize your hair's needs and your beauty expectations. You are then offered a personalised hair profile complete with recommendations for in-salon Rituals and at-home care.

At home, daily self-care and occasional at-home treatments continue well after your salon visit. The secret to beautiful hair is ongoing care. A customized routine with luxurious products help you achieve your hair goals and turn a beauty routine into moments of indulgence in the comfort of your shower. Your Kérastase Diagnosis will offer you the most accurate product & Ritual recommendation to suit your unique desires and needs.